New blog!

So I’ve decided to restart my blog as I never really posted in my old one and it was just not the best to say the least. So please bear with me until I get used to using this site.

I’ve noticed quite a lot on instagram comments that other than asking where the items of clothing are from (I always tag where the items are from by the way!) that many of you ask what the name is of the item on the store website so you can search it easily. So I’ve decided that mainly the purpose of this new blog is to upload my posts and have direct links to the items I have bought/wearing – instead of you having to search through 32 pages of ‘tops’ online!

I have a lot of key pieces that I often wear that sadly aren’t recent and therefore I can’t post links for, however for these kind of items that are old season/no longer available I’ll find something as similair as I can so you can still basically shop the look.

If there is anything else you’d be interested in me doing a blog post on then let me know in the comment box at the bottom of the page or in an Instagram comment, fashion or non fashion related!

So here’s a post I did recently with links to the items, simply click on e.g ‘Top – H&M’ to be directed to the item on the site!blogTop – H&M   Trousers – Topshop 

6 thoughts on “New blog!

  1. Natasha says:

    Always look on your Instagram and I’m in love with your style but can never find the exact items on the website.. This blog is perfect! Please post more.. Especially shoes


  2. @zebreya says:

    Hi! I loooove your style and I would like to know where your white kind of dress posted in August 16 come from. Thank you !
    Love you instagram btw


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