Return of coats

All items are linked at the bottom of this post

I’ve slowly been posting and re-introducing AW jackets back into my life and wardrobe, as recently I’ve bought what could be all my winter coats/jackets already! Rather than put them all in one blog post and that being the end of it, I think I’ll blog my way through them one at a time through autumn/winter along with full outfits, as I’m sure (although I shouldn’t) I’ll not be able to resist adding more to my collection at it’s only just September.

So first up on my list of coats, is this black belted robe coat from Boohoo. They also do this coat in camel which I would have also bought if I didn’t have my last years similar style Zara camel one. This coat comes in one size so I didn’t have to debate what size to order, it’s really oversized and is unlined which is what I like the most about it. I was a bit skeptical whether it would be the same shape and quality as the cheap waterfall coats that are swarming round Ebay and some shops at the moment (I bought one once and sent it back within the same hour, awful) but it’s not at all and I’m really happy I bought it.


Underneath I wore neutrals as I didn’t want to go full winter just yet so I put on this Topshop split back shirt and these Monki trousers that are so good I bought them in black too.

IMG_8169 IMG_8214

Coat – Boohoo –  ‘Click here’ / Shirt – Topshop – ‘Click here’ / Trousers – Monki – ‘Click here’ / Shoes – New Balance

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