UO Collaboration

Links to all items are at the bottom of the postIMG_9507 IMG_9158

I feel like I’ve fell off blogging a little so I’m getting back into it with this, If you saw my other post recently on Instagram you may already know I have recently collaborated with Urban Oufitters, which was probably the most exciting collab email I’ve recieved to date. As you can imagine choosing the pieces to feature was hard as I would have picked the whole site if possible.The first two pieces I picked were the ‘Light Before Dark Pinstripe trousers’ and the ‘Grey Herringbone Trousers’ as I notice people ask sometimes for what size I got for their own reference of ordering I got both of these in a Small.

There will be more items added to this collaboration soon as I’m waiting in on a delivery right now from UO and I’m being really impatient, typical.

IMG_9510 IMG_9508 IMG_9509

Navy Pinstripe Trousers – Urban Oufitters – www.urbanoutfitters.com/uk/catalog/productdetail.jsp?id=5123433454523&cm_mmc=AffWin-_-lissyroddy-_-201509-_-lbdpinstripetrousers

Grey Herringbone Trousers – Urban Outfitters http://www.urbanoutfitters.com/uk/catalog/productdetail.jsp?id=5123336043333&cm_mmc=AffWin-_-lissyroddy-_-201509-_-Greyherringbonetrousers

Sweatshirt – Base Range – I can no longer find this colour on the site I got it on but here is it in black! http://goodhoodstore.com/store/16893

Coat – House of Jam – I got this last year and so now I can only see it in blue here https://marketplace.asos.com/listing/coats/new-fleeced-oversized-duster-coat/2296552

Vans x & Other stories – http://www.stories.com/gb/Co-Labs/Vans_Other_Stories

11 thoughts on “UO Collaboration

  1. SK says:

    You make neutrals look so good!!! How tall are you? I’m inspired by some of your outfit combinations but I feel like they might not work on my height.


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