Some little pick ups

So I think it’s probably obvious I shop A LOT…

I generally don’t think I spend a lot but maybe I’m just used to constant shopping, I buy a lot yeah, but I think in terms of price I buy quite well as everything is high street. I love looking at bloggers who manage to have a wardrobe full of designer trainers and clothes but it’s not realistic to a lot of people (no hate to those bloggers, I definitely would if I could!). I’m always looking for dupes and I’m not bothered about stuff being unbranded, if I like it I’m gonna buy it. I scan sales just as much as anyone else because I’m not paying full price if I don’t have too!

But a lot of the stuff I buy doesn’t make it into an instagram post so I thought I’d show you some of the typical things I buy on a quick shopping trip / order online. So these are the random pieces I’ve bought today and had delivered…pretty sure my DPD driver is sick of delivering to my house because it’s basically everyday, woops. Whilst planning on going to ‘only’ buy some new gym tops (I bought zero of them because I got too distracted with normal clothes…) these are the items I picked up. If you notice a lot of my shoe shots are taken here it’s because I’m constantly waiting for the tram and snapping a quick trainer picture while I wait haha.


So as usual I was in a tracksuit paired with my new Topshop bomber. The shoes are Clarks and I fell in love with the colour, I actually got them a couple of months ago but I forgot I had them til this morning so they had their first trip out. I’ve linked all of these items below and then onto what I actually bought…

Topshop Bomber – click here

Clarks Shoes – click here

Tracksuit – click here




I picked up these 3 items up from Primark so I can’t link them. The underwear set was £12 all together and the crop tops were £5 each, the pink one is in like a suedette effect which makes it even better.


So this is what I had delivered, it’s from Missguided and is called the ‘Colour block panel sweat black’ when I ordered it there was only size 4 & 6 available (may have restocked) so I ordered the 6 hoping it would fit firstly and even still fit oversized and it does! I don’t actually think I’d want it any bigger as it is a really big boxy fit.

Link – Click here


Next I went to Zara, to be fair I only went to 3 shops so it wasn’t really a ‘shopping trip’. I knew I’d love these paper bag tie waist style trousers when I saw them on the hanger. I tried on a small and they fitted really big and they didn’t have a XS in stock so I bought the small anyway in hope I could just tie the waist super tight. But whilst just looking for the link of them online to put here I’ve found they have the XS online so one sec just gonna order those… Ok so I’ve ordered those and now I’m going to have two pairs, swear I’m the queen of returning stuff because I’ve bought every size to try.

Zara Trousers – ‘Poplin Tie Waist Trousers’ – Link here

Lastly I got these little pieces from H&M, I don’t think I really needed a marble plate or a wire basket at all but they’ll make my room a bit nicer. I also saw the nicest bomber jacket in Zara which i didn’t buy as I know I really don’t need it but I thought I’d add it to this anyway as a bit of inspo! I can’t find it online to link but if you do pop it in the comments 🙂


5 thoughts on “Some little pick ups

  1. gaugexo says:

    I love your blog its really nice to see how you shop in a range of places and aren’t brand inclined.
    Could you help me how to link my instagram with my blog like you have done so?


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