My top new season coat/jacket picks

I’ve seen so many coats and jackets that I want recently that I thought I’d form them all into one blog post. I’ll also probably have new favourites by the end of the week so feel I may need repeat this post at a later date! I looove jackets and coats they are definitely my favourite piece of clothing, I actually look forward to coat season which is maybe a little sad. So I’m going to show you my top designer and highstreet picks!

Starting it off is this H&M shearling jacket I ordered the other day and I wore it as soon as it arrived as I fell in love with it. It is so cosy and super oversized which I love. I got it in a 10 as I usually get all jackets in a 10, if you’re thinking of getting it note that it is very oversized – I could have probably gone down a size or maybe even two on this but I’m happy with it being as oversized as possible so any size is fine really!

NOTE –  Now when I first went on this jacket they had no sizes but a 14, I since went on it the next morning and they had every size but a 16, I’ve now gone on again and they have sold out of most sizes. It seems to me they keep restocking/selling out so maybe keep your eye on it if you want it as the stock keeps changing super quick for some reason!

H&M Shearling jacket – Click here

Zara Skirt – Click here


Designer –

Here are my favourite 3 designer coats that I’ll probably only be dreaming of unless I get saving. Unless you have £800-£2000 to spare on one of these dream coats, like me you’ll be waiting for the dupes to come along asap!

  1. Acne – Click here  2. Balenciaga – Click here  3. Moncler – Click here





In between –

Whilst this is Topshop, it is Topshop Unique which puts it a little on the pricey side of being high street but I thought I’d add it in as I still love it!

4. Topshop Unique – Click here

4. topshop unique.png


High Street – 

Now these are definitely more in my budget and I personally think sometimes you can’t tell the difference between some designer and high street coats, especially with all of the Acne dupes around.

5. Zara – Click here 6. Pretty Little Thing – Click here 7. Puffa on Asos – Click here

5. zara2





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