Pinafore Frills

Okay, so I know I’ve been slacking on the blog front side of things, but I’m hoping to post on here more so I can share direct links to items so they are easier for you to find!

I’ve seen this pinafore dress online every time I’ve looked on H&M recently but I’ve been reluctant to order just because I didn’t think it would suit me, I’m not keen on the length of it. So I’ve folded it up here to get the idea of what I’m planning on doing which is taking it up, please wish me luck because I’m pretty bad at getting them hem even!

If you’re wondering what size I got to make you’re own decision on it, I got an 8. I find H&M trend sizing VERY hit and miss, but I think some pieces they do are true to size. The waistband is elasticated which is good and it’s just an all round pretty good and well made fit, which I didn’t expect at all.

As it’s a little fitted I thought pairing it with something oversized underneath would be best, which happens to also be from H&M trend in this oversized cashmere jumper, which you may have noticed I’ve been wearing ALOT. I got this jumper in a size medium to have it as baggy as possible and it really is huge with the longest sleeves ever which I love. It is also in the sale now! Which is a little annoying because I bought it when it was full price, hate it when that happens! Anyway, here are all the link for everything I’m wearing here:

Pinafore dress – click here

Cashmere Jumper – click here

Boots – click here 

Necklace – click here

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