Prada and that pinafore..again

My love for gold disc necklaces continues, I want to wear them all at once because I love each and every one of them but I think two is enough for now. I love jewellery over high neck tops and this blouse is everything, the gathering detail is on the neckline, the sleeves and the waist as it’s slightly cropped, so you can always have a bit of detail poking out of your jumper if you decide to layer on top of it.

It’s needless to say I’m still obsessed with this pinafore, well I did only get it about a week ago, but that’s more than long enough for me to get obsessed with something else. Oh wait, I have – this bag!

This bag is my first ever designer bag and it’s taken a long time to choose, I originally wanted the Gucci velvet marmont, but with a current pre-order time of 3 months, I just can’t wait that long. I’d looked at the Prada velvet ones before but I needed to see them in person, I headed into Selfridges the other day and there was a table of about 7 small velvet bags, I was in heaven. If you can’t tell, velvet was the route I was going down. I tried every single one of them on but it was the smallest, delicate one that got me. I’d had my eye on a larger one with a thick leather strap and I was certain I would get it, but when I saw it in person, it wasn’t as good as I expected. So I’m happy I never ordered that online! This is turning into a bit of a boring ramble on how I chose a bag so I’m going to leave it here – p.s. all links are at the bottom of this post!







Coat – click here

Shirt – click here

Pinafore – click here

Boots – click here

Bag – click here

Bee necklace – click here

Personalised necklace – click here

Personalised signet ring – click here


3 thoughts on “Prada and that pinafore..again

      1. Donna says:

        How much does the whole thing cost please? I usually get acrylic extensions which cost 25- is it extra to have the powder Over the top of the plain polish?


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