Balloon sleeves

There’s no denying my obsession with statement sleeves, so there’s probably no surprise in how obsessed I am with this whole giant balloon sleeve thing that’s going on. I guess they are just another thing that’s become oversized, which will always be my favourite style & probably why I’m head over heels for them.

Have I really just wrote a mini paragraph on how much I love sleeves?

Anyway I had a successful trip to Zara the other day, which I haven’t had in ages – thank god the sales are nearly gone! I feel like I’ve been waiting for new season for way too long. It was on of those trips where I went in looking for nothing in particular, and ended up trying on way more things than they have those little plastic changing room tags for- always a good day when you find that much stuff! And I actually liked nearly all of it, which is very rare for me so hopefully I’ll be featuring some of those new bits I bought on here/insta soon! I put this jumper on my Snapchat and the response was a little crazy, so I thought why not write a whole blog post on this amazing jumper and of course link it for you all to shop yourself. For reference I got a medium, this was the only size they had left when I tried it so I got it, it fits absolutely huge, but I don’t mind that one bit!

All links at the bottom of this post.



Zara Sweater – click here 

Glasses – sold out, similar here – click here

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