Jeans jean jeans

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I’m sure we’re all aware of the struggle of finding the perfect fit jeans, I for one am. And was completely against jeans for ages – I actually didn’t wear a pair for two years, TWO YEARS?! I convinced myself it was because I didn’t actually like them but I think the fact was, I never found a pair that I felt fit me well. Pairs that looked nice on other people like Topshop Joni jeans looked and still look AWFUL on me. I’m always on the hunt for a pair that fit yet somehow make me looks two sizes smaller, although maybe that’s why I’m failing – they don’t exist.

I’ve got some trusty black Asos jeans and I think I’ve found the perfect blue ones. These Missy Empire ones are super stuff denim and are such a good fit, they grip you at all the right places and raw edges are always my fave. Not forgetting to mention THESE BOOTS, they are an absolute dream and fit and fit like a glove, if you’re thinking of investing in a pair of boots then I promise you won’t be disappointed by these, they are also super comfy, and I’m all for comfort!


Jeans (I got an 8) – click here

Lace blouse (I got a 10) – click here or similar here and here

Boots – click here

Bag – click here

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