How I wear the Reebok Club C ’85 Satin


First of all, satin trainers?! I’m 100% in.

I found these trainers super easy to style up, they pretty much can be worn with anything, casual or smart. I’ve styled them with three different outfits below to show you how I’d wear mine for different occasions, the first being a fun ‘throw on a pair of trainers and go’ summer outfit, a slogan tee is always my first go-to item when I’m in a rush or need to plan an outfit quickly.

The second being more casual and comfy, an ‘I woke up like this’ but definitely didn’t outfit, paired with some sunglasses and I’m good to go.

And finally the third being smart with a little bit of a twist. Smart to me being a metallic suit… but I just had to pair it with these trainers, I couldn’t resist. I always think if I have to be smart, I’ve got to be comfy too, so trainers all the way.

You can find these trainers here – click here









This post was sponsored by Foot locker.

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