Party hair with TONI&GUY

So, it’s the time of year of all the Christmas parties, new year and just a general excuse to get dressed up really! Alongside that it’s an excuse to cover yourself in glitter and metallic eyeshadow and go all out with BIG hair.

Generally I’m pretty much all or nothing when it comes to hair, I’m either a sleek back kinda girl or ALL the volume. If I have my shoulders out, I’ll usually go for hair down and if I have them covered then I’d go for an up-do or low bun.

So I’ve teamed up with @TONIANDGUYPRODUCTS to show you how I use the Volume and Bounce range to create a big bouncy hair look that I would do for an evening out, that can go from office to outout super quick!

Photo 04-12-2017, 12 57 49.jpg

Firstly, I washed my hair and let it dry slightly in a towel while I did my makeup. I then applied the TONI&GUY Max Out Volume Whip and worked it through my hair.

Photo 02-12-2017, 14 45 09Photo 02-12-2017, 14 45 16Photo 02-12-2017, 14 45 23

Next up (my fave product from the range)  I sprayed the TONI&GUY 3D Volumiser Spray all over, especially on the roots. Making sure to get the underneath too for maximum volume. I then finished drying my hair with a hairdryer.

Photo 02-12-2017, 14 45 30Photo 02-12-2017, 14 45 37Photo 02-12-2017, 14 45 43Photo 02-12-2017, 14 45 48

Something I was very surprised at a few years ago that I never knew, dry shampoo is used for volume?! Ever since I have lived by this and use it ALL the time for that exact reason. And obviously also for the days when you’re just in too much of a rush to wash it.. everyones guilty of that, right?

I used the TONI&GUY Sky High Volume Dry Shampoo spraying it from root to tip and wow..

Photo 02-12-2017, 14 45 55


Photo 02-12-2017, 14 46 02

I then separate my hair into two sections and wave using straighteners.

Photo 02-12-2017, 14 46 07Photo 02-12-2017, 14 46 13Photo 02-12-2017, 14 46 20

Not forgetting to scrunch the waves after to give them a bit more volume!

Photo 02-12-2017, 14 46 34

Next I run the TONI&GUY High Shine Serum Drops through my hair as dry shampoo can make it little dry, and to give it shine!

Photo 02-12-2017, 14 46 40Photo 02-12-2017, 14 46 47

Finally, I usually go for a bit of a side parting when I wear my hair like this. I then spray the TONI&GUY Finishing Shine Spray to keep all the flyaway hairs down.

Photo 02-12-2017, 14 46 53Photo 02-12-2017, 14 47 08

Touch up of makeup and I’m done!

Photo 04-12-2017, 12 57 56.jpgPhoto 04-12-2017, 13 01 38.jpg

Thanks for reading!




#HairFirstFashion #BeatHairBoredom

This post was sponsored by TONI&GUY Products.

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