Alicia Hope Roddy

I am 22 and as you can probably tell I’m quite very much into fashion and styling and everything that surrounds that. Surprisingly I don’t study fashion!  I actually studied Business Management Sales and Marketing.Being a buyer is my long term goal (maybe it will find it’s way into to my bio by then!)

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5 thoughts on “About

  1. Emily says:

    Can you link your clothes in your Instagram posts please because I’m in love with your style😻And the latest post you’ve just put up is so nice I can’t find the jumper on the website tho.
    Much appreciated


    1. lissyroddy says:

      Thankyou! But a lot of clothes I post aren’t always recent so may not be sold anymore or I bought them in store so don’t have the online link, I’ll try in future but as I don’t blog every outfit it may be hard! Xx


  2. Naomi says:

    How do you style your hair! My hair is very similar short and curly but I can never get my curls to stay nice when I leave the house and always result to straightening it. Your hair is amazing!


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